When I came to Dr. Eversull, I was at the end of my rope.  No physician could figure out what was wrong with me and many told me that I was fine.  But, I wasn’t...In a span of a few hours, she pieced together years of what I thought were isolated illnesses into one picture that made sense.  She backed it up with concrete medical evidence, finally giving me answers and a plan.  After six months of her care, I now feel better than I have since childhood and feel more confident about my future health and my family’s.  Thank you Dr. Eversull!    -Lara B. (Dallas, TX)


When I walked into Dr. Eversull’s office I was not doing well.  I had everything from headaches, to mood swings, weight gain, exhaustion, hot flashes, trouble sleeping, panic attacks…you name it.  Dr. Eversull did extensive testing on me, and immediately put me on an aggressive treatment plan. It’s been 90 days and I am worlds better!      -Liz  (Plano, TX)


I am an attorney here in Dallas who has suffered severely with debilitating migraines since I was a teenager.  I have been to countless doctors and tried numerous medications, and nothing ever seemed to work.  Dr. Eversull refused to let the headaches defeat me.  I feel better than I have in years, and I feel so incredibly blessed to have found relief after all this time. My life is forever changed, and I will be eternally grateful.    -Alicia  (Dallas,TX)


I came to Dr. E because my right knee had been hurting for several years and getting worse. I had already had multiple steroid shots and Synvisc, all of which helped temporarily. I hate the idea of surgery and the pain and recovery involved. She evaluated me and performed prolotherapy on my knee. After three sessions, I had almost no pain, and after the fourth, I felt like I had a new knee. NOW I don’t even think about it anymore.  -Jimmy  (Lubbock, TX)


I was feeling tired, worn down, and had very low energy. Dr Eversull took the time to talk with me about all my symptoms and decided to test my hormone levels. After reviewing my results she began to address my hormones. I now have more energy, have lost weight, and gained muscle tone. I am so thankful to Dr Eversull for all the help she and her staff have given. I feel amazing.   -Todd (Dallas, TX)


I am a 54 year old AVID golfer. If I am not on a plane or in a business meeting, I am at the golf course. Last year, I hurt my back so badly working out, that I was convinced I would never play again. Angry and depressed, I sought Dr. Eversull’s help. Unfortunately, the usual treatments such as epidural injections did not work. Fear of surgery gripped me. She would not let me worry for long, and quickly moved on to treat me with Platelet Rich Plasma. I had heard about major athletes having this, and here I was...But this treatment really did work. Now I play two or three times a week and practice every day.  -Michael  (Frisco, TX)


I had had unbearable pain in my right hip going on for two years, and all I could do was take pain medication which made me drowsy and foggy. Dr. Eversull really listened to me. She gave me a thorough exam and a complete blood work up. She recommended vitamins and supplements after reviewing my blood work. Then she performed prolotherapy on me. After three months of seeing her, I noticed a big difference in how I felt. After five months I was PAIN FREE!!! So thankful to be healthy, happy, and active.  My husband and children are thankful too.  -Melissa  (Richardson, TX)


Wiley Protocol, Testosterone Therapy, Hormone Pellets


My experience with Dr. Eversull was truly life changing. Before, I was overweight, tired and overwhelmed with my life. Dr. Eversull treated me with hormone therapy and now I am happy and able to keep up with my life. I would absolutely recommend her anyone who wants to improve their quality of life.   -MICHELLE, Frisco


Depression, Thyroid, Hypothyroid, Fatigue

 I had completely lost my zest for life. I was so stressed and exhausted. I did not think there was a doctor who could help me. All my current MD had done was give me more anti-depressants. Dr. Eversull looked at all aspects of my health and she began to address each one. I could feel my body responding to what it had been missing. She is a wonderful doctor and someone that will help you no matter what.   -PAT, Flowermound


Antiaging, healthy aging, menopause, hashimoto's


I have never known a physician as intuitive and talented as Dr. Elizabeth Eversull. She basically unzips a person to see what is blocking them from good health. I have a whole new outlook on aging and I have overcome significant health challenges with her help!   -SHELLY, Rockwall


hip pain, joint pain, natural pain management, arthritis


I sought Dr. Eversull’s help for pain management and general overall help with my health. I have had multiple joint replacements in the past and suffered from significant chronic pain. I am now able to play golf and conduct a normal life due to her treatments. I am better in every way- joint pain and overall health because of her care. Anyone who wants a caring physician who will get results should see Dr. Eversull.   -ROBERT, Palm Springs


 I have been basically ill every day since I was 4 years old. Every doctor I saw gave me antibiotics and Advil. My condition worsened. I felt so sick and foggy I couldn’t function or even drive a car.  I could not recognize myself. Dr. Eversull was the first to dig into my symptoms and diagnose me with Lyme disease. She listens and she does not give up on her patients. I cannot put into words what she has done for me. Her treatments have addressed my sickness layer by layer and I now have my life back. I would not hesitate to send anyone to her for any type of illness. She is incredible.    -Cammie, Dallas, TX


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