There is a very unique process by which we will unzip you and "crack your code" to healing.  (Yes that is exactly how we think of it..)    We use a real "old school" exam where we touch, look and LISTEN to you from head to toe. Not in a creepy scary way, though- promise.  

We also draw on our intuition, quantum physics, and sometimes electron microscopy along with other more common lab work.  We will get  your life story, your health history, your daily regimen, your PERSONALITY traits and MUCH more.

This is BIG because it's crucial we seek out and remove the STUFF in your life that causes you to suffer and "leak health."  (Toxic food? Toxic BOSS?  Zero sleep?? All of it counts!)  This is essential because THE BODY WANTS TO BE WELL.  If we remove the obstacles, the body finds its way.  

We then put together a regimen for YOU and you only that is like a curated art collection..only instead of art it is YOUR personal healing steps and tools. (OK, right, it's art.)

 Many of our patients have already visited the most famous and prestigious clinics in the world..Clients come from all over the planet to see us!! (Yes that IS us bragging.  Damn right.)   We have a very special method of integrating and layering various international (and some proprietary) techniques to give you the most personal and fantastic results. 


Alternative Medicine


Dr. Eversull is the force behind this wonderful and eclectic little place.  She obtained her undergraduate degree from LSU in Baton Rouge and her Medical Doctorate at LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans, Louisiana.  She completed a brutal internship in Internal Medicine at Earl K Long Hospital, again in the Louisiana Charity System.  

Residency training finally brought her from south Louisiana to Texas, where she would study Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, at UT Southwestern.  She graduated that program in 2005 as Chief Resident, with a position waiting for her in Interventional Pain Management.   

She quickly assessed that "even a good day was a bit of a bad day.." understanding early on that the patients coming in were in chronic pain, had chronic dysfunction and metabolic illness.  And giving more and more pills, steroids and chemicals wasn't helping.  There HAD to a better way.  Whatever was out there, what ever worked to get these people a better existence- the mission was to find it.  And the rest is definitely history.

Dr. E is proud of the fact: "The techniques, theory, products, and skills are EVER evolving here at clinic.  In three months' time, you will see a difference in what goes on and how it happens.  My husband (Dr. John Moore, ENT) just shakes his head.." 

In fact, Dr. Eversull met Dr. Moore  while half way through residency at UTSW... and they finally got married in 2017!  Ask Dr. E will tell you about the "courtship" one day!




Jay "The Fixer"

Locked out of your phone? Forgot where you parked?  Lost your password? Lost your mind?!  Just plain LOST??  Meet the fixer. He may LOOK seventeen, but Jay Williams is our hero of organization, IT, scheduling and efficiency.  He has been with us for almost six years and he touches almost all parts of the operation.  



Well HELLOOOO! Is what we hear many times a day from Courtney.. always happy and ready to jump in. 



Small in stature, but HUGE in talent!  Noet learns fast and takes initiative. 



Calm and warm, Ashley makes the patients feel "super" at ease. (Get a load of her sense of humor while you're here.)


Let Us Do The Leg Work

Out of all the noise and hype out there, we sift out what REALLY works to improve your health.  Nowadays,  we all are drowned in ads and messaging from every angle, all touting the next item to CHANGE...YOUR...LIFE.   Facebook, Insta, your Inbox, your Birchbox.. aack!  It makes you want to buy and try everything, OR just give up and succumb to another glass of wine and that box of Thin Mints they made you buy at work.  Our lifework is to filter this shizzle out FOR you and just GIVE you the nuggets!


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